HOTLIPS Soda’s Fruit Farmers

Jeana Edelman and David Yudkin, co-owners of HOTLIPS Pizza since 1989, drew on their years spent building relationships with local farmers to get their sustainable soda concept off the ground. In 2003, HOTLIPS Soda was born. Meet our farmers:

 CRANBERRY Scott McKenzie and his family grow the cranberries we use in our soda in their bogs along the southern Oregon coast at Seaview Farms, in Sixes, OR.  Scott has lead the effort to grow cranberries sustainably and his farm is both Salmon Safe and Food Alliance certified. Located in Curry County, hard hit by the collapse of the lumber industry, cranberry farming is one of the economic hopes of the area. So along with the great taste there are super reasons to enjoy a bottle of HOTLIPS Cranberry Soda.  Scott says, “a healthy berry may be uniformly rosy red or dark Burgundy or even almost black.  Generally there will be gradual color changes where red may fade into Burgundy or a dark red into a slightly lighter red.  This has to do with the orientation of the berry to the sun.  Generally the side and top of the berry facing the sun or with a southerly orientation will be darker and the side of the berry with less sun exposure will be lighter and those differences show as a fading of one color into the other.” I’d like to add that our pop is mae from single strength juice, meaning the berries have never been concentrated, so they retain the amazing flavors that are normally cooked out.

BLACK RASPBERRY, RED RASPBERRY + MARIONBERRY – WHEW!  Sandy Farms in Boring, OR is located along the route of the old Barlow Road, the final extension of the Oregon Trail and the first wagon road over the Cascade Mountains. The timber was cleared to establish the original farm in the late 1800’s in an area then known as Sandy Ridge, a place that held the distinction of producing the finest berries in the county. In 1942, F.T. Rowell and Robert Hudson purchased the first 512 aces of Sandy Farms. Then in 1947 the property was incorporated and given the name Sandy Farms. In 1951 F.T. Rowell’s son John and his new bride Marilyn took over management of the farm. John came from a strong farming background having spent his summers working on the family farm in Scholls Oregon. They slowly acquired more property. In 1981, John and Marilyn bought Hudson’s share of the farm and became the sole owners. In 1990 the Rowells offered their farm manager, Robert Underwood, the option to begin purchasing Sandy Farms stock. In 2005 Bob became majority owner and continues to head the farm today. Over the years Sandy Farms has grown to over 1200 acres and has received numerous awards. Fruit Grower Magazine has listed Sandy Farms as one of the top 20 berry growers in the nation consistently since 1990.

GINGER in our newest flavor, GINGER ALE, we get the pungent root from KAUAI ORGANIC FARMS, a family farm in Kilauea, Hawaii on the beautiful island of Kauai.

Berry Noir in Newberg, OR – where we actually make the soda – is an integral part of sustainability for HOTLIPS. A small family-run fruit processing plant, the folks at Berry Noir have grown, learned and flexed with us, making it possible to create HOTLIPS Real Fruit Soda. Thanks to Chuck, Monica and the BN team!