Marionberry: The flavor of the Northwest!


What’s not to like? To make this pop we started with delicious, ripe Northwest-grown Marionberries. They’re juiced,  sweetened with some cane sugar, then accented with a dash of organic lemon juice. Pretty simple and simply  delicious!


The Marionberry has an interesting pedigree, related to the blackberry, raspberry and loganberry yet it is its own unique fruit–smooth and luscious. It’s named after Marion County, Oregon, where it was developed, and its flavor will remind you of your favorite dark berry pies and jams. And our Marionberry soda makes a killer float with a healthy dollop of vanilla ice cream!


One Response to “Marionberry”

  • I love the Marionberry soda, but you’ve got to let us transplanted Oregonians buy it in the online shop!

    Posted by Cassie on July 19, 2012 4:30 am