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Limited Edition Apple Soda


This Limited Edition Apple Soda (only 300 cases) has the taste of fresh pressed cider because it is! These Jonagold apples were grown and pressed in the heart of the Skagit Valley in Burlington, WA by Sakuma Brothers Farms, a fourth generation family farm.

Lightly carbonated, lightly astringent and wonderfully aromatic, the Jonagolds have a delicious and distinct sweet-sour flavor profile.

Our chef recommends Apple Soda with cheese, especially camenbert, brie, Pierre Robert, any triple cream cheese will be a fabulous companion to this soda. Also great with roasted hazelnuts or almonds, and as an accompaniment to composed salads. Then add some grapes!

Apple Soda with gin is nice, with Brandy even better. Essence of fresh apples, aromatic and lively this formidable brew can be paired with strong-flavored spirits.

HOTLIPS Cranberry Soda Makes Your Cranberry Sauce Better

The last few Thanksgivings I have been making my very own cranberry sauce. It’s a very simple thing to do and taste much better than what you get out of a can “Read More”:

Meet The Flavors

Kink FM radio station interviews Jeana Edelman, Co-Owner of HOTLIPS Soda, at the Pioneer Courthouse Square Farmers Market. Meet the flavors and see what makes HOTLIPS a Real Fruit soda. See the “interview”:
(more…) loves apple

When you tip the bottle over, you can see chunks of apple pulp drift slowly downward. I was surprised and impressed by how much apple pulp there was and by how large the apple chunks “Read More”:

Pure Wow says Pure Goodness

The name may sound suggestive, but Hot Lips soda is pure goodness: Fruits are picked at the peak of their harvest “read more”:

A Tried and True Green Product

Consumer Reviews HOTLIPS Soda. Read my lips – if you like soda or carbonated fruit drinks, you’ll love HOTLIPS’ lineup of natural fruit sodas, they’re nicely bubbly and berry-licious. “Read more”:

Awarded Best of 2010 by BevNET

Portland, Ore. (December 8, 2010) – The drinks have all been sipped and the decisions have all been made. The winner? HOTLIPS Soda. BevNET, the beverage industry’s source for product reviews, news and education recognized the fun, premium, locally-sourced HOTLIPS Soda as “Best New Carbonated Beverage” of the year. “Read More…”:

Just In! LOVES HOTLIPS Soda. My favorite line is: “Tart, sweet & pulpy – I hadn’t considered those to be traits of a great soda pop before today but now I’ll happily five this drink my highest rating.” Read the whole review at “”:

HOTLIPS does Pinot Noir!

HOTLIPS Soda has partnered with the “International Pinot Noir Celebration”: local wineries Rex Hill and Archery Summit to make Pinot Noir Soda. It is spectacular! Not like any grape juice you’ve ever tasted. Finally, Oregon Pinot for the non-alcohol drinkers among us. To debut at the IPNF in summer 2011.

Soda Even a Stormtrooper Can Love

“Food Junk”: recently “reviewed %(HL)HOTLIPS Pear Soda%”:, and what do you know? They loved it. We like that they’re into Twix Triple Chocolate candy bars, but we’re downright stoked that they’re down with our all-natural soda.

Uncapping our latest flavor: Cherry

Made from fruit grown in Oregon’s famous cherry-growing regions, “our newest soda is a force to be reckoned with”:

“Cherry may be the most challenging fruit to transform into a HOTLIPS Soda of the entire flavor portfolio, with nostalgic flavor associations and expectations from many a palate,” says Dave. “Even with those expectations, the surprise of essential cherry taste is welcomed and celebrated by cherry enthusiasts. This is the perfect new addition to our line of natural fruit sodas.”

Like the rest of %(HL)HOTLIPS% sodas, the list of ingredients is short and (naturally) sweet: cherry juice plus cane sugar and water. The cane sugar for this soda is infused for months with high-quality vanilla bean, adding a buttery flavor to the complex fruit, and enhancing an inherent cola flavor.

* “Buy HOTLIPS Cherry Soda online in our Shop”:

Summer’s gone, but the taste is not

Summer love is always in season at “”: And their summer gift guide is nothing if not hot, which is why we’re tickled that our fresh, fruity sodas were included in their 2010 edition.

Online with Dean & Deluca

%(HL)HOTLIPS% Soda recently made its debut in “Dean & DeLuca’s online catalog”: We’ll be in their upcoming seasonal catalogs, too.

To toast the partnership, %(HL)HOTLIPS% will be hosting a sampling at Dean & DeLuca’s “SoHo flagship store”: on September 22 from noon to 2 p.m. Shoppers can meet %(HL)HOTLIPS% co-owner David Yudkin and, of course, take a sip of soda made from fruit grown and harvested in season by his friends in the Pacific Northwest.

Check out the “great story”: Jeana wrote for D&D’s blog about our crazy quest to make the best soda on earth.


“REAL SIMPLE Magazine”: ranked %(HL)HOTLIPS% Soda in its top picks for summer, calling it “perfect for locavores,” and for the absence of high-fructose corn syrup—naturally.

Cooking Channel show features HOTLIPS

Hello HOTLIPS Soda fans,

We are thrilled to announce that **The Cooking Channel** has made a “FoodCrafters”: segment on HOTLIPS Soda! The crew spent a full day with us in Portland at the HQ for interviews and stories, filmed Dave making pie, Jeana spinning the visuals, then we escorted them out to McMinnville for some Seussian science at the soda plant.

**FoodCrafters** featuring HOTLIPS airs Monday @ 7 p.m. PST
In Portland, it’s channel #184 on Comcast, #113 on Dish Network, and #232 on DIRECTTV

Another super announcement…

We are releasing HOTLIPS Cherry Soda to our distributors in **early August**. We brewed about a month ago and have been taste testing and sampling the Cherry Soda around town to raves and contented “ohhhh yessss’s.”

If you see a mysterious brown bottle with only the HOTLIPS logo on it at a farmers market in the next couple weeks, take a taste. It is at once subtle and true to dark red cherry flavor and deeply complex with an inherent cola-like caramel, taste unfolding as the soda rolls over the tongue. Yet, all that’s in there is cherries, cane sugar and a hint of vanilla. The Cherry Soda also weighs in with **fewer calories** than its siblings so that may make it more attractive to some fans as well.

Tip one up for health and happiness! Take it straight or mix with pretty much any ice cream or spirits.

As always, our most sincere thanks to you for being a HOTLIPS friend and fan.

Jeana and David

Mutineer Magazine pours HOTLIPS


If you happen to be in Hollywood on May 23, check out Mutineer Magazine’s annual “Red Carpet Tasting”: to Benefit Global Water Relief. 400 lucky tasters will be sampling %(HL)HOTLIPS% sodas along with ample varieties of wine, beer and spirits.

Tickets are free to Mutineer subscribers who are 21+. And if you don’t get the mag, “email Mutineer” to see if they can squeeze you in. The red carpet awaits!

For more %(HL)HOTLIPS% events, subscribe to our Google Calendar

Nicole Williams’ take on diet sodas

We know diet soda isn’t good for us. But rarely do we see so much compelling evidence in one short-and-sweet note. Nicole Williams has just listed a host of reasons to stick with natural ingredients on her “Works”: website. Among her recommendations for refreshment: yours truly, i.e. %(HL)HOTLIPS% Soda.

Eat (and drink) like no one else

Eat Like No One Else is a blog dedicated to rating culinary experiences, experimenting with recipes, and even pointing out the difference between city ham and country ham—all in glorious detail.

They also taste and review beverages. “They had a lot to say about our boysenberry soda”:

The Food Channel sips HOTLIPS

The Food Channel’s Cari Martens recently “compared our sodas to wine”:, “in that in that each batch is different, with variations based on the variety and ripeness of the fruit, the heat and rain of the season, even the time of day the fruit is picked.”

The unique nuances each vintage offers sure keeps _us_ coming back for more. It’s one of the most exciting things about making soda from fresh, seasonal fruit.

BevNET rates HOTLIPS sodas

We’re getting “high marks”: from BevNET, the biggest reviewer of nonalcoholic, ready-to-drink beverages around.

Its independent reviewers seem to be in love with our Blackberry, Raspberry and Pear sodas. We’re still waiting to hear what they thought of Boysenberry, Black Raspberry and Apple. Stay tuned …

Japan(ese) is on to us

Zakka News is a San Francisco-based blog, written in Japanese. You can see %(HL)HOTLIPS% Soda in its cool “slideshow”: of products.

HOTLIPS Soda is a Power Pick

“The Power Player Lifestyle” has deemed %(HL)HOTLIPS% Soda a “Fab Food Power Pick You Must Say Yes To”: What can we say? We like their style.