BevNET rates HOTLIPS sodas

We’re getting “high marks”:http://www.bevnet.com/reviews/hotlips from BevNET, the biggest reviewer of nonalcoholic, ready-to-drink beverages around. Its independent reviewers seem to be in love with our Blackberry, Raspberry and Pear sodas. We’re still waiting to hear what they thought of Boysenberry, Black […]

What’s YOUR favorite flavor?

We keep turning people onto the *greatest soda* on Earth, and we’re having a great time doing it. At %(HL)HOTLIPS% “soda tastings”:http://hotlipssoda.com/where-to-find/, people’s eyes light up when the explosive taste hits their mouths. To see and taste for yourself, visit […]

Special Edition HOTLIPS Lemon/Apple Soda

This batch of soda started life as **apple soda**, but came out of the soda-making machines (it’s like Dr. Seuss down there) as the most delicious, lemony soda you’ve ever had. It’s miles ahead of any other carbonated lemon drink […]